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Happy New Year Word Art!


Happy New Year everyone! It's a special time when we get to reset and reboot again, at least partially, in our lives. I wanted to create a piece that captured my dreamy new-beginning feeling with Goldfaber Color Pencils and PITT Artist pens. Let me show you how I did it.


Faber-Castell Creative Studio Color pencil Goldfaber metal tin of 48 (#114748)

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Essential PITT Artist Pens BLACK (#770075) - S, B tips

Other - white cardstock


With S-tip PITT Artist pen BLACK, hand-letter your message. My word inspiration came from the movie by the same name. Draw some stars around the word to frame it visually. You could also use a pencil lightly to sketch everything first and then trace with the PITT pen and erase your pencil lines.


Start coloring the negative space around the words and stars with Goldfaber color pencils. I started with the blues and grey.


Add colors to the mix that you see fit and keep filling the negative space.


Here's my piece so far. I like the cross-hatched textured look so I made sure to make my color pencil strokes prominent. If you like a more blended look, make softer marks and blend them together.


Give prominence to your hand-lettered word by adding a thin dark shadow with B-tip PITT Artist pen, Black to finish.

I hope you enjoyed my word art tutorial and give these pens and pencils a try in your own work!



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