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Layering Colors & Adding Depth

Let's Practice Shadows

Here are a few tips for practicing adding shadows to your lettering!

Materials used:

First you want to write our your word or words. I wrote out the word "shadows" here simply to show you the process. I also am showing you reverse shadows (darker letters with lighter shadows) when you would typically do grey or black shadows. I think the reverse shadows makes them stand out a bit better so it is easier to practice adding shadows to your work.

Shadow Practice

One of the most important things to keep in mind when adding shadows is to pick a "light source" direction and keep the shadows consistent. All of the shadows I show you have the "light source" coming from the upper left. So all of the shadows will fall on the right side of the letters, as well as some shadow on the bottom of the  letters.

Dark Shadows

You can switch it up. Your shadows don't have to be all the same color, or even black or grey! Just keep in mind the "light source" rule and get those creative juices flowing!

Rainbow Shadows

In this last photo I just used a lighter color for my base letters and then had fun with the shadows! Hopefully this helps :) 

Fun Shadows



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Erin is a teacher by day and a creator by night. She loves to try and inspire creativity in her students everyday! Because she’s busy during the day, the night is when her creativity gets to explode into the world through lettering and messing around with watercolors. Her biggest advice would be to not compare your art to other people’s art! Be uniquely you!

The Lettering Fern


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