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Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Gelatos

We’re asked all the time, “What is a Gelato®?”. Gelatos are a water-soluble pigment stick, they look similar to a lipstick or lip balm. They come in a tube with a twist up feature. When you use Gelatos, you’ll notice that they have a soft, silky texture that is similar to lipstick. Gelatos are made of a combination or emollients, wax and pigments. You can find Gelatos in 80 colors including opaque, metallic, translucent and iridescent.

Gelatos are water-soluble, so you can paint with them. You can apply Gelato straight to your surface and then go over it with a wet brush, dissolving the Gelato into a rich, vibrant watercolor. Another method to using Gelatos as watercolor is to apply some Gelato onto a palette, if you don’t have a painter’s palette an old plate or take out container lid works just fine. Then, drip some water and mix with your paintbrush to create watercolor paint that you can then paint with.

Watercolor on palette

Gelatos can also be used dry just by applying to paper and then blending with a fingertip, blending stump, damp cloth or baby wipe. If you’d like to create art with more texture, you can mix Gelatos into different mediums like Gel Medium, Gesso and Glaze. To mix simply cut off a small piece of Gelato, “smoosh” it up with a palette knife or the back of a spoon, then mix into your medium.

Gelatos Dry Blending

When working with Gelatos, don’t limit yourself to just paper! Gelatos can be used on wood, fabric, canvas, unglazed ceramic – nearly any porous surface can be used with Gelatos. When working on fabric, you may want to finish your work by spraying a clear fixative over your work to protect it, especially if you have used Gelatos with a dry method. They work on dark or light surfaces too!

Watercolor on paper

One of the benefits of working with Gelatos is that you don’t have to worry about your work fading over time. Gelatos have been tested for lightfastness. Gelatos are also permanent when dry so you can layer other colors or mediums over Gelatos.

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Wow! This is amazing. I cannot wait to try and test its "lightfastness".
Thanks for sharing.

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Gelatos are water-soluble




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