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How To Create Daily Boxes in Your Bullet Journal

We’re back with another tutorial! I decided to focus my attention to my daily boxes, because I receive the most questions about them.


I don’t use daily pages as many bullet journalists do, because I need more structure. I’ve tried using them but it gives me this sense of pressure to fill it all in, which in turn brings my focus from my actual tasks to solely filling the page. To me, while bullet journaling is an amazing creative outlet for me, I need it to be functional above all else. The result: daily boxes in a weekly spread.


Using this method helps me compartmentalize my week so I can focus on the days and tasks at hand. While I appreciate and admire other methods, after my 3 years of bullet journaling, I’ve found this to be the most helpful.

Using the simple steps above, you can try out your own daily boxes! Keep in mind, what I add to mine are suggestions only - it’s important to create a personalized system that fits your lifestyle and helps you be your best self!

Here is a Free Printable with a few styles of daily boxes for you to use in your journals!

Tip 1: If you print out 7 copies, you'll have enough daily boxes for 8 WHOLE WEEKS!

Tip 2: Color them in using Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens!


Thanks! Keep creating!





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