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Tiny Steps - Lettering with White Pitt Artist Pens

Watercolor Bookmarks!

This is a super fun and easy project that you can do, especially when you're stuck inside on on of these cold days! I bet you could even convince your kids to do it with you.

Lets start with our Faber-Castell Mixed Media Tin and some watercolor paper.




Using the watercolor pencils, sketch out some flowers. They don't have to be neat and pretty, you could even just do colorful blobs if you wanted to. We'll be outlining them later!



Take a paintbrush, and mix that color all around!



Now, take your Pitt pen and add in the details! Here, I used the black watercolor pencil to add the center of the flowers, and then took the Pitt pen to outline the flowers and add some small details in the middle. 



Using the white 1.5 Pitt pen, add in some closer details. I added some dots to the inside of the flower, and some highlighted areas to the flower petals.



Cut your paper into 2" strips, then take a hole punch and some ribbon, and finish it up! If you have a laminator, run them through there beforehand to help preserve them!



Have some fun with it! See how many different patterns you can come up with, then grab a book and enjoy!


ChelseaLawChelsea has a not-so-slight obsession with all things lettering. Watching lettering videos is what got her started, and you can usually find her posting videos using every art supply she can get her hands on! From brush pens to watercolor and everything in between!


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Very creative.

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