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Landscape with Oil Pastels


Hi everyone, Mou here with a landscape tutorial for you! I created this landscape with oil pastels. You need very few supplies for this. I’m listing them below.


Faber-Castell Creative Studio Oil crayons cardboard box of 36 (#127036)

Faber-Castell Creative Studio 6 Ct. Graphite Pencil Tin (#900010)

Faber-Castell Paper Blending Stump (#122780)

Other – paper, baby wipes

Now, let me show you the steps.


Start with a light sketch of the landscape using Goldfaber Graphite pencil. You can work from imagination or memory or from photo reference. For this piece, I worked from memory and then filled in things from imagination.


I like to start coloring from the top to avoid any unwanted smearing of colors. The day I was capturing was a dark cloudy one. I chose a light blue and warm grey for the base layer of the sky and scribbled the colors on.


I blended the colors of the sky with my fingers for a softer look. I used a baby wipe to clean my fingers. Then I started adding darker colors for the distant mountains and blended those colors with a paper blending stump.


I continued to fill in the foreground with various shades of green, blue and brown, blending the colors in and creating textures by scratching with the paper stump.


I decided to add a few grazing cows to my landscape to make it more interesting. I drew silhouettes of the cows with Goldfaber Graphite pencil to finish.

The Creative Studio Oil Pastels rekindled my love for painting landscapes with pastels. I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and would try these pastels yourself.



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