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Teacher Appreciation Hand Lettered Sign

Today's project is super simple, yet will make a big impact. All you'll need is the Faber-Castell big brush stamper's set and some marker paper.


Using your choice of colors (I did rainbow. The more colors, the better!), letter away! I had a rough sketch done with a pencil, and placed underneath my paper to make sure I got the spacing/centering right. Watch below for a step-by-step. Then, finish it up by putting it in a frame, or adding some ribbon! Let your teachers know you're grateful for what they do!



Photo Feb 14  2 32 01 PMChelsea has a not-so-slight obsession with all things lettering. Watching lettering videos is what got her started, and you can usually find her posting videos using every art supply she can get her hands on. From watercolor to brush pens, and everything in between!



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