April Showers Bring Gelato Flowers!

Word Art with Iridescents Gelatos & White PITT Pen


Hi everyone, Mou here with a word art tutorial using a beautiful quote by the 13th century Persian poet, Rumi. In this tutorial, we'll explore what the Iridescents Gelatos colors look like on a dark surface and also some handlettering using the White Brush PITT pen.

To do this project, you'll need the following -

Faber-Castell Gelatos® Colors, Iridescents -15 Piece Set (#770175)

Faber-Castell India ink Pitt Artist Pen White set

Faber-Castell Collapsible Water cup (#770310)

Other - watercolor paper (trimmed to 9 x 6 inches), black paint

Now, let me walk you through the steps.


Apply a coat or two of black paint to the watercolor paper. Let dry.

Rub the Iridescent Gelatos colors on the paper as shown.


Blend the colors with water using the paint brush included in the Gelatos set.


Add another layer of colors with the Iridescent Gelatos. Blend with water. Splatter some Gelatos colors after diluting it with a wet brush. Let dry.


Write the quote with White PITT pen, brush tip.

TIP: If you make a mistake, just cover the area with more Gelatos colors and blend with a little bit of water. Let dry completely and go over it with your pen.

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and try playing with Gelatos and PITT pens together in your word art!


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