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Just Keep Swimming

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  • Watercolor Art for Beginners kit

Watercolor Art Kit

This kit is awesome! It comes with a small set of watercolors, a brush, 3 Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor pencils, stencils, some paper, and a Pitt Artist pen!

To start I picked the stencil I wanted to use. The one I picked reminded me of seaweed. To start I just quickly and lightly traced it (I like a more loose and messy look, if you want a clean line go slowly when tracing your stencil)

Pick the stencil

Trace the Stencil

After the initial trace I went back over it for a more "sketched" look.

Add to the Sketch

Then add your words! I played around with a mix of styles here!

Add Words

ADD COLOR!!! Just use the brush to wet the paints. Like I said earlier I like the messy, loose look so I just brushed the color on all over!

Green Paint

Then finally I added some paint splats (that hopefully resemble bubbles...sorta) as well as a few other paint details.

Just Keep Swimming


The Lettering Fern

Erin is a teacher by day and a creator by night. She loves to try and inspire creativity in her students everyday! Because she’s busy during the day, the night is when her creativity gets to explode into the world through lettering and messing around with watercolors. Her biggest advice would be to not compare your art to other people’s art! Be uniquely you!

The Lettering Fern


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