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A Comparison of Two Skin Tone Colored Pencil Sets By Jean Van’t Hul, The Artful Parent


We enjoyed exploring and testing the Faber-Castell World Colors pencils that we received to review and were interested to see how their skin tone colored pencils compared with other multicultural colored pencils out there.

So we tested two sets side by side.

Faber-Castell’s World Colors and Crayola’s Multicultural Colored Pencils

And by we, I mean Maia and Daphne.

Daphne used the Faber-Castell pencils to color and make a set of paper dolls (see my post on The Artful Parent for the free printable paper dolls).

Maia sat down and did a side by side test of all the skin tone shades in each box. We already knew that the World Colors set had a great range of natural skin colors and combinations from drawing people from around the world. There are 6 colors in the box (3 double-sided pencils), plus a lot more once you start combining and layering.

But we were surprised at how little some of the Crayola pencils looked like skin tones. Maia kept making comments about the purplish color and the reddish color and how she didn’t know anyone with skin those colors. She didn’t layer the Crayola pencils the way she did with the Faber-Castell colors so we don’t know if perhaps more realistic skin tones could be achieved that way. 

Overall, we were very impressed by how much care and effort Faber-Castell put into their set of World Colors. But then, that shouldn’t surprise us since they are a company that’s been around since 1761. They’ve stood the test of time for a reason.

This post is sponsored by Faber-Castell and I received their World Colors colored pencils for free in order to review and write about them.



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