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Lettering Tutorials!

Oh, hello there! It's Nicole again, and I'm back with another tutorial! This time, I'm focusing on lettering.


I've found, that if I think of lettering as another form of drawing, it comes more naturally to me, because it can be broken down into steps exactly like a doodle. Here, I've given you 5 different methods to add some flare to your lettering.


Once you master the letter A, you can move your way through the alphabet using these simple guidelines. Adding even the tiniest of details can really add some "oomph" to your journals and planners! I like to use my PITT artist pens for lettering because they are so smooth on paper, and the colors really pop!


If you want to practice, but don't want to dive right into your notebooks, download this free printable practice sheet HERE!


If you post what you create, be sure to tag us @fabercastellusa & @plansthatblossom so we can see (and maybe even share!) your lovely creations!

Thanks for stopping by! Keep creating!

-Nicole @plansthatblossom


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