Gelato Watercolor Cornucopia

Holiday time is my favorite time, because there are so many fun and festive things you can do! Like this watercolor cornucopia made using gelatos and Pitt pens!

For this I used:

  • Faber-Castell 2B pencil
  • kneaded eraser
  • Pitt artist pen XS
  • Pitt artist pen white 1.5 fineliner
  • watercolor paper
  • paintbrush
  • collapsible water cup

Gelatos in the colors:

  • chocolate
  • butterscotch
  • lime
  • pistachio
  • green tea
  • red cherry
  • tangerine
  • mango
  • lemon


Start by sketching your work with the 2B pencil, then erase until the lines are very faint (that way you won't see them through the watercolor when it dries). Then on a palette, add a bit of the gelato and add some water until it becomes the consistency of watercolor paint! Use a mix of these to add color to your artwork, and add an outline and highlight using the Pitt pens!



Photo Feb 28  9 52 26 AMChelsea has a not-so-slight obsession with all things lettering. Watching lettering videos is what got her started, and you can usually find her posting videos using every art supply she can get her hands on. From brush pens to watercolor and everything in between!

Floral Doodles For Your Bujo!

Hi there! I'm back with another tutorial!


This time, we're bringing you florals!

Florals are the number 1 bujo doodle out there, but they can be a little tricky to master.


These 5 easy floral doodle tutorials will help you add some sunshine to your bujo even when the weather isn't so bright.

These doodles can pop out behind your daily task boxes or even make a springy floral border around your pages! The mason jars make excellent text boxes for dates or notes!

-Try these doodles in pencil, and color them in using Faber-Castell USA Pitt Artist Pens.
-Once you've colored them in, give them a chance to dry, and then erase your pencil marks.
-What you're left with are painterly illustrations that really elevate your journal.
-Add highlights using the white ink pen, and add dimension to your illustrations going over your chosen color once more in the sections where shadows would land. This creates a darker shade of the same value that really adds interest to otherwise simple drawings!


Pitt artist pens are my absolute favorite pens to use!
The more I use them, the more I am discovering what they are capable of, and I am endlessly impressed!

Check out this free floral printable!

Thanks, and enjoy!


Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pens Used:

Brush Pens:
White 101
Ice Blue 148
Skyblue 146
Chromium Green Opaque 174
Raw Umber 180
Green Gold 268
Dark Chrome Yellow 109
Orange Glaze 113
Medium Flesh 131
Crimson 134

Black: Sizes XS, S, & M
Red: Size S

White Pitt Artist Pen


White ink on kraft paper holds a special place in my heart 😂😍 brush markers are by far my favorite lettering tool and Faber Castell has therefore created my favorite pen ever!


If you haven’t gotten a chance to try out these guys yet you are seriously missing out. They are white India ink Pitt Artist Pens. They come in brush tip, 1.5 bullet tip, and calligraphy chisel tip. 


What paper color are you going to try yours on?

Blending Pitt Artist Pens

Blending brush pens can be so fun, and is definitely one of my favorite things to do! Typically this is done with a water based pen, which makes for easy blending, wet or dry, but since Pitt pens are waterproof and not water based, all you have to do is be sure to blend while the ink is still wet!


I like to start with a very light color, such as light indigo 220 (pictured here), this way when you use the colors, it's sort of just like coloring in your letters. Then you can focus more on the blending of colors and less on the lettering. 


Once you have your lighter lettering down, use a small amount of your darker color up top (phthalo blue 110), and slowly pull it down using a lighter color (phthalo green 161). Do this one letter at a time, to be sure your ink stays wet while blending. If it happens to dry, just re-wet it with your first color. 


Have fun!


 Happy Blending! 

Photo Feb 28  9 52 26 AMChelsea has a not-so-slight obsession with all things lettering. Watching lettering videos is what got her started, and you can usually find her posting videos using every art supply she can get her hands on. From brush pens to watercolor and everything in between!




Today I’m using a bunch of my favorite supplies from Faber Castell!


I want to let you guys in on a little secret- often times my pencil and eraser are my weapon for layouts! Off center? No problem. Erase and try again!


With these high quality India ink Pitt Artist Pens, I’m able to erase pencil cleanly without worrying about smudging my final piece. Faber Castell has some amazing quality pencils and erasers that will do the trick. 


For this process I lettered roughly in pencil, mainly to gauge spacing and make sure everything was centered. I went over it with my Pitt Artist pen in S for the first monoline lettering. After I erased the pencil guides, I went back in with the M tip and thickened all of my downstrokes to create a faux-lligraphy look!






Materials Needed: 

  • Cardstock
  • PITT Artist Pens


1. Write out your words. I wrote out "Happy Halloween" for a fun halloween card using my PITT artist brush pens. I used Light Green 171 for the word "Happy" and Crimson 134 for the word "halloween."



2. Trace you letters with your Black 199 PITT artist pen.



3. Using your Black 199 PITT artist pen again, draw spider webs coming from the top corners of your page and attaching to your letters. I also added a little spider hanging down. 



4. Last I added shadows to my letters with my Warm Grey V 274 PITT artist brush pen.






FernLOGO2Erin is a teacher by day and a creator by night. She loves to try and inspire creativity in her students everyday! Because she’s busy during the day, the night is when her creativity gets to explode into the world through lettering and messing around with watercolors. Her biggest advice would be to not compare your art to other people’s art! Be uniquely you!


The Lettering Fern

Sketching Botanical Specimens with Watercolor Pencils


Hi everyone, Mou here with a study of some botanical specimens using watercolor pencils!

For this study, you'll need the following materials -

Faber-Castell Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencils set of 48

Faber-Castell Gelatos® Black Licorice

Faber-Castell Collapsible Water Cup with water

Faber-Castell Deluxe Water brush

Other - Watercolor sketchbook, botanical specimen

Now, let me show you how I did my sketches.


Collect some botanical specimens on your nature walk or buy some at the florist's. Pick out the shades of Goldfaber Aqua that match your botanical specimen the best.


Sketch out the specimen with the watercolor pencils from your perspective. You can aim for realism or let your intuition take over.


Fill the Deluxe Waterbrush with water from the Collapsible water cup and go over the lines of your sketch.


Sketch out other specimens from the same trip following the same steps as above.


Once the first layer of water dries, you can go back in to add details with the watercolor pencils.

After you finish sketching your specimens, add information about where you found them and when. I used Gelatos color Black Licorice and the waterbrush to add this information. You could also use a PITT pen to write this.

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial. Whether you are studying in your studio or sketching on location, the Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencils and the Deluxe Waterbrush are really great tools for you!


Halloween Doodles & How To Apply Them To Your Journal!

Hello again! I'm here to bring you some spooktacular doodle tutorials, and show you how you can apply them to your bullet journal!


This time of year is one of my favorites because the holidays provide so many fun theme ideas! What better way to get into any holiday spirit, than to open your bujo!

Here, I am showing you 5 easy Halloween doodle tutorials!


I get a lot of questions about my doodles, and how I create them - but my "not-so-big" secret is that everything I draw is made up of simple shapes put together. If you take it one step at a time, you will be able to create more complex drawings! Once you take that into consideration, it becomes easier to visualize what you want to create, and how you can build onto it!

Once you've mastered these doodles, take them a step further by adding color and shading using my beloved Pitt Artist Pens!

Tip: Layer similar colors together to add depth!

Now, you can move onto my favorite part - Applying these doodles to your journal in a functional way! Use these examples to get in the Halloween spirit, and come up with your own ideas as well. Once you realize how versatile doodling can be, you can master any theme you want! Interested in giving these a try? Tag me at @plansthatblossom and @fabercastellusa so we can see your creepy creations!


Not into drawing your own spooky spread, but still want a little Halloween flare in your journal? Download this free printable!

Happy Halloween! Enjoy!!

Fall Magic

A little fall magic today, with the help of stencils and watercolor pencils!


What you'll be needing:

  • Mixed media paper
  • Pencil/eraser
  • Stencil
  • Goldfaber aqua watercolor pencils
  • Paintbrush
  • Pitt Artist brush pen (Indian red)
  • Pitt Artist fine liner XS


Start by tracing the leaves stencil using Faber-Castell 2B pencil. Then mirror the image on the other side. Stencils make adding fun little details SO quick and easy!


Photo Oct 16  2 25 46 PM


Gently erase the dark lines, so the image is very light. This way you won't have to erase once the watercolor is down!

Then, color in with your Goldfaber watercolor pencils.

Photo Oct 16  2 25 46 PM


Wet your paintbrush and start painting over the colored pencil. Watching the pencil turn into creamy paint on the paper is always my favorite part.

Photo Oct 16  2 25 46 PM


Using your Pitt Artist brush pen (here I used Indian red, the PERFECT color for fall), letter your favorite quote.

Photo Oct 16  2 25 46 PM


Go in with your fine liner XS Pitt Artist pen and add little details. Here I did a rough outline of the leaves and I added a small shadow on the lettering.

Photo Oct 16  2 25 46 PM


Don't forget to have fun with it!


Photo Feb 28  9 52 26 AM

Chelsea has a not-so-slight obsession with all things lettering. Watching lettering videos is what got her started, and you can usually find her posting videos using every art supply she can get her hands on! From brush pens to watercolors and everything in between!






These Fall Feelings: Art Journal Page


Hello everyone! Mou here with an art journal video tutorial all about the Fall!


Faber-Castell -

Gelatos – Iridescents

Gelatos – Translucents

Gel Medium

Goldfaber Aqua pencils

Collapsible Water cup

Paper Crafter Crayons – Neutral

Stampers Big Brush Pen set of 3 - RED

Hello Fall Printable Image Collection

Other – Watercolor paper, Scissors, Trimmer

You can watch the video tutorial by pressing 'play' below  or click right here.


I hope you enjoy!