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Lettering Tutorials!

Oh, hello there! It's Nicole again, and I'm back with another tutorial! This time, I'm focusing on lettering.


I've found, that if I think of lettering as another form of drawing, it comes more naturally to me, because it can be broken down into steps exactly like a doodle. Here, I've given you 5 different methods to add some flare to your lettering.


Once you master the letter A, you can move your way through the alphabet using these simple guidelines. Adding even the tiniest of details can really add some "oomph" to your journals and planners! I like to use my PITT artist pens for lettering because they are so smooth on paper, and the colors really pop!


If you want to practice, but don't want to dive right into your notebooks, download this free printable practice sheet HERE!


If you post what you create, be sure to tag us @fabercastellusa & @plansthatblossom so we can see (and maybe even share!) your lovely creations!

Thanks for stopping by! Keep creating!

-Nicole @plansthatblossom

Banner & Paper Scrap Doodles!

Hi there, you creative soul, you!


I'm back with another planner tutorial. I love creating these for my journal, because they are just so versatile. They can be used alone for decoration or used as headers for text. Plus, they are just so fun to create!


These 7 tutorials break down the steps easily so you're able to recreate these for your own planners. It's almost as if you are able to have 7 different types of sticky notes at your disposal to use however you wish!


If you're not the doodling type, but would like to utilize these banners and paper scraps, download a fun and free printable HERE!


Thanks for stopping by, keep creating!

-Nicole @plansthatblossom

Sketchbook on the go with Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor Pencil Roll


Hi everyone, Mou here! How do you stay creative during summer break? This question particularly applies to all who get extra busy during summer as the kids stay home. I am one of you, so staying creative during summer can sometimes be a slight challenge. I try to be creative daily and sometimes that means I am sketching on the go, making use of small pockets of time. I find that creating on the go is easier with the appropriate tools and here are some of my favorites -

Faber-Castell Goldfaber Aqua watercolor pencil, pencil roll, 30 pieces (#114652)

Faber-Castell Deluxe Waterbrush (#770306)

Faber-Castell Graphite pencil Grip 2001 with eraser HB (#117200)

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen black box of 4 (S, F, M, B) (#567100)

Watercolor paper/ Sketchbook


If you are wondering about inspiration, my suggestion is to simply look around mindfully wherever you are - be it your kitchen or at the beach or when you go to your mailbox. You'll find something interesting to draw and study if you like to sketch. If sketching is not your thing, take inspiration for colors, textures, materials, etc. I sketched a pinecone that I found by my mailbox this morning when I took my daughter to the stop for the day camp bus. 

Start with a light pencil sketch of the object of your choice. I choose a pencil with an eraser attached. I also use a kneaded eraser sometimes because then I have an eraser that's clean at all times and no eraser shavings to deal with.


Trace the pencil lines with S-tip Black PITT pen. Being permanent India ink, there is no risk of ink smudging if you choose to use watercolors next.


The Goldfaber Aqua Watercolor pencils come as open stock, in boxed sets as well as this fun 30-piece roll for sketching on-the-go. I take this with me when I travel. This roll includes a sharpener and a round brush too.


You can leave the colors dry, or like I do, use a waterbrush to blend the colors. Having a waterbrush is very helpful as it rules out the risk of spilling water while you are out and about or working in tight or uneven spaces.

Mood Trackers For Your Journal!

Hi there! I'm back with more trackers, but this time, I'm talking MOODS!


Here I've shown you 12 different simple weekly mood trackers that you can use in your journal! These can be expanded to cover a whole month, or simplified for each day.


Happy days, sad days... mad days... let's face it, we've all been there. I enjoy tracking my moods because it helps me learn more about myself. I can recognize what triggered me, or what made me happy. This way,  I'm abler to regroup, and focus on the good. It's also a nice way to look back on your month without having to go into too much detail.


One misconception about mood tracking is that its bad too have too many days with the same type of mood, or that you are considered negative if you have too many bad days. This really "grinds my gears" because honesty is a very important aspect of journaling. If you can't be honest with yourself in your journal, how can you grow and learn?You don't need to track this many moods if it doesn't suit you, OR you can add other moods if you want a more thorough evaluation of your well being. That's the beauty of bullet journaling... it's for you - by YOU! PTB_TreatTracker
Please enjoy this free printable monthly mood tracker that I created based on one of my most popular mood trackers. I hope you enjoy! You can Download Here

Thanks for stopping by - keep creating!

-Nicole @plansthatblossom

Watercolor word art


Hi everyone, Mou here today! July is World Watercolor Month and Faber-Castell is celebrating by featuring watercolors all month long. Today I am focusing on Connector Paints.

Here are the materials I used:

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen Soft Brush India ink pen, black

FAber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen Superfine India ink pen, black

Faber-Castell Graphite pencil Goldfaber 1221 HB

Faber-Castell Connector paint box 24 colors + brush

Faber-Castell Water cup Clic&Go light green

Faber-Castell Kneadable Art Eraser, grey

Other: watercolor paper trimmed to 9x6 inches, scissors


Start with a pencil sketch.


Color the image with Connector Paints.


Add details with PITT pen.


Hand-letter a quote with the Soft Brush tip PITT pen and cut it out with scissors.

You can use the image to decorate notebook or anything you want.FC_July2019_Blog1_ConnectorPaintsPITTPens_WordArt_Image1_MouS

Journaling Add-On & Embellishment Tutorials!

Hi there! I'm back with another doodle tutorial to fill your journals with that little something extra!


Here, I've shown you 7 different ways to add some flare to your journals. I love all things stationery and paper - I collect washi tape, stickers - you name it, I've got it! However, there is something a little more satisfying about adding these elements yourself by drawing them!FC_PTB_EmbTut3


Using Faber-Castell PITT Artist Pens, I've given you the steps to amp up that lovely journal of yours!


For added effect, I like to use color, shading, and even highlighting to really make them POP off of the page!

Give these simple 4 step tutorials a try, and make sure to share them with us! We love to see your creations!


As a bonus, I've created another free printable for you! You can grab it HERE

Thanks for stopping by - keep creating!!

-Nicole @plansthatblossom

Inspired by a summer song


Is there a summer song that you hum and can't get out of your head? I have one that I grew up with - it's 'We're all going on a summer holiday', sung by Cliff Richard many many years ago. my inspiration of today's word art came from the lyrics of summer holiday.

Here are the materials I used:

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen Soft Brush India ink pen, black

Faber-Castell Graphite pencil Goldfaber 1221 HB

Faber-Castell Connector paint box 24 colors + brush

Faber-Castell Water cup Clic&Go light green

Faber-Castell Kneadable Art Eraser, grey

Faber-Castell Goldfaber color pencils - Cobalt Turquoise 153, Dark Cadmium Orange 115

Other: watercolor paper trimmed to 9x6 inches


Start by sketching out the lyrics with pencil on watercolor paper. You can include only a few lines or the whole of your favorite song.


Go over the pencil lines with SB tip PITT pen in black. As I started lettering with the pen, I decided to make my letters bigger and did not want to include all the lines that I had written with pencil. Erase pencil lines.


Add any imagery you think suits the lyrics. I sketched a sun at the top and a line near the bottom as the horizon line of ocean.


Using Connector Paints, color in the sun and sea.


Add some details and outlines with Goldfaber color pencils to finish.

I hope your summer is off to a great start and that you'll find some time to make art!


One in a Melon

For this fun summer card I used the Faber-Castell Mixed Media tin and some watercolor paper.

Mixed Media tin

To start I used the red and green watercolor pencils to sketch out the shape of a slice of watermelon.


Then, using the provided brush, add water to blend the color!

Add Water 1
Add Water 1

Next I used the brush tip pen to create the seeds. If you use the side of the brush pen and push down it creates a seed shape! (I used the same technique to make rain drop in this post)


Last, add in your details- I outlined the watermelon and added the words "One in a Melon."

One in a Melon


The Lettering Fern

Erin is a teacher by day and a creator by night. She loves to try and inspire creativity in her students everyday! Because she’s busy during the day, the night is when her creativity gets to explode into the world through lettering and messing around with watercolors. Her biggest advice would be to not compare your art to other people’s art! Be uniquely you!

The Lettering Fern

Let's talk about the weather!

The weather is an essential part of our lives. Given the fact that on the east coast, it has been raining seemingly nonstop, I figured it would be a good time to discuss how the weather affects our days and how we can track it in our journals!


Here, I've shown you how to doodle 7 different weather icons. These are very simple to do and can be completed in just 2 steps.


I've also shown you 6 different ways to track the weather in your journal. Some people like to peek at the forecast and record it ahead of time, while others like to track it day by day. I personally like to track the weather the night before, so I know what to expect.


For me, tracking the weather is very important since I travel for work, and I have a 4 year old in pre-school. It helps me prepare for the day ahead. Do I need to leave earlier because of a storm? Do I need to dress my child in a jacket or rain boots? Will I have to cancel my plans for the day? Do I have to water my plants or will mother nature do the work for me? There are infinite reasons why tracking weather is important, but it's also a fun little doodle snapshot of the day!


Not sure about creating your own weather icons? Download this free printable HERE!

Thanks for stopping by! Keep creating!




More than Just a Color - White Pitt Artist Pens

White Pitt Artist Pens Header White Pitt Artist Pens Header2
In a world full of color, perhaps the most powerful pen an artist can use is a white Pitt Artist Pen. Adding a white Pitt Artist Pen to your collection brings the opportunity to add dimension and character to your images as well as alter the appearance of other colors. Made of India ink and available in four nib sizes: brush, calligraphy, 1.5 mm bullet nib and 2.5mm bullet nib, Faber-Castell’s white Pitt Artist Pen offers professional grade quality in a versatile artist marker.

Keep it Simple:

White Pitt Artist Pen Graphic

We pride ourselves in our Pitt Artist Pen selection of 60 colors and 6 metallics, but there is something special about a simple monochrome piece of art. The contrast of black and white creates an opportunity for great depth and bold statements and draws attention to fine detail.


Offer Opacity:

White Pitt Artist Pen Graphic2

The rich pigment of India ink supplies flexibility in the opacity of your drawing. White India ink can vary from highly opaque to transparent, all depending on the substrate being used and the layers of application. The white Pitt Artist Pen is particularly radiant and bold against a dark substrate. To strengthen opacity, apply an extra layer of ink. Create a singular layer of ink for a more transparent appearance. The ability to create a more transparent finish is perfect to use when desiring a more subtle or blended touch.
The Pitt Artist Pen is made ready to create; you do not need to pump or prime the nibs as the India ink is already flowing. It is also important to remember, a product this special requires care. Store your white Pitt Artist Pen horizontally to preserve proper ink flow and opacity.

Alter Appearance:

White Pitt Artist Pen Graphic3

Using a white Pitt Artist Pen alone creates a beautiful bold image; mix with other colors and you will discover another unique coloring quality to the white ink. There are two recommended methods of mixing white with other India ink colors. If you have a color that you desire to just make slightly tinted, layer strokes of the color of your choice over a layer of the white ink. For a more blended subtle color appearance, layer the white ink over the strokes of the color of your choice.

Bring it to Life:


With a desire to capture an image as realistic as possible, it is important for an artist to utilize various techniques. Adding highlights and accents to an image brings another dimension and adds character to your creation. There is no better way to add the illusion of light to an image than with the white Pitt Artist Pen. Thanks to its high opacity, the ink can be applied effortlessly on layers of dried watercolor, graphite, artists’ colored pencils, or colored ink. Apply highlights where the imaginary light hits the highest part of an object.

White India ink is more than just a color, it is an opportunity to make a statement. Faber-Castell’s white Pitt Artist Pen is a unique addition to the art world that is unmatchable. The expressiveness and covering power of the ink, along with its permanence and ability to be combined with many other painting techniques, have ensured that this artist pen will continue to consistently spark the interest of artists and graphic designers.

White Pitt Artist Pens Footer