PITT® Artist Pens

Tutorial: How To Create Art Deco Header Boxes!

Hi there, old sport! I’ve shown you a few ways to make header boxes before, that's nothing new - BUT since you are all so kind and supportive of my Art Deco posts, I figured I’d show you some simple ways to make your header boxes with a little 1920s flare! ✨


A lot of Art Deco is built upon symmetry, angles, and line work, which makes them easy to create step by step, and easy to apply to any dot grid journal. The dots create the perfect canvas for this style!


Using the simple steps above, and some fantastic Faber-Castell pens, you are able to bring a little glam to your days! Did you know they make metallic pens as well? In MORE than just silver and gold? You heard me correctly! I'm such a fan!



Want to give these tutorials a try and share it? Be sure to tag @fabercastellusa and @plansthatblossom so we can take a peek! If you’re interested in this style, but can’t master the technique, we've created a fun printable with many different art deco styles to use in your own journal! I've left them blank so you can use them for months, days, lists - whatever you choose! Jazz them up with some fabulous pitt artist pens as well! Download the printable HERE.

Thanks so much! Keep creating!

Grip Color Marker Swatch Page & Doodles!

Hi there! Faber-Castell USA was kind enough to send me a set of Grip Color Markers, and I LOVE them! The colors are so vibrant, and the markers themselves are created to be easy to hold while using. Plus, they are non-toxic and washable, which is perfect for kids! (...and me!)


So, what’s a girl to do with a fresh set of supplies? Make a swatch page, of course!

Swatch pages are one of my favorite pages to make - I use them as a reference constantly, and they are just so pleasing to look at.


Another great part of playing with new markers, is seeing them in action! Here I’ve shown you how to create 3 writing utensils from a rectangle. It’s amazing how much you can do with a simple shape!


When you’ve finished creating your doodle, be sure to make it pop with vibrant colors like the ones shown here!

If you’re not sure how to create a swatch page, I’ve created a free printable template for your journal or sketchbook! You can download it *here*

Thanks for stopping by - Keep creating!

Happy New Year Word Art!


Happy New Year everyone! It's a special time when we get to reset and reboot again, at least partially, in our lives. I wanted to create a piece that captured my dreamy new-beginning feeling with Goldfaber Color Pencils and PITT Artist pens. Let me show you how I did it.


Faber-Castell Creative Studio Color pencil Goldfaber metal tin of 48 (#114748)

Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Essential PITT Artist Pens BLACK (#770075) - S, B tips

Other - white cardstock


With S-tip PITT Artist pen BLACK, hand-letter your message. My word inspiration came from the movie by the same name. Draw some stars around the word to frame it visually. You could also use a pencil lightly to sketch everything first and then trace with the PITT pen and erase your pencil lines.


Start coloring the negative space around the words and stars with Goldfaber color pencils. I started with the blues and grey.


Add colors to the mix that you see fit and keep filling the negative space.


Here's my piece so far. I like the cross-hatched textured look so I made sure to make my color pencil strokes prominent. If you like a more blended look, make softer marks and blend them together.


Give prominence to your hand-lettered word by adding a thin dark shadow with B-tip PITT Artist pen, Black to finish.

I hope you enjoyed my word art tutorial and give these pens and pencils a try in your own work!


Preparing for the New Year in Your Journal!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Now that 2018 is coming to a close, I wanted to share some tips on how to reflect on the year, and prepare for the next one!


Faber-Castell USA and I partnered up to give you examples on how to create list and topic boxes to help you grow into your best self! Using these simple structured boxes, you are able to make a plan for the new year.


There is real value in taking time to pause and reflect on the past year before you make your resolutions. We are able to learn so much about ourselves and really focus our attention toward the future.

So while this year is quickly dwindling, don’t run from the difficult moments - take time to learn from them. A new year full of opportunity and possibility is right around the corner! Cheers to you and to 2019!


Click the link for a free download to help you prepare for the new year!

Pitt Artist Pens Used:

Black 199 (Sizes: XS & F) - Warm Grey III 272 (Brush) - Green Gold 268 (Brush)

Happy New Year! 


Bringing You Some Holiday Cheer!


Hi everyone, Mou here today wishing you Happy Holidays! 

My little girl and I started playing a little holiday game of our own this year - whenever we are out and about, we count the cars driving home with Christmas trees on the roof. We have several Christmas tree farms around here which means people come from far and wide and even from New York City to get their trees. I decided to draw one such car and let me show you how I did it.

Let's start by looking at the supplies:


Watercolor pencil Goldfaber Aqua tin of 48

Deluxe Waterbrush

PITT Artist Pens S tip - BLACK

Other - Watercolor paper, pencil

And now, scroll down to see my step-by-step process.


Start with a light pencil sketch of a vintage-looking car with a Christmas tree tied to the top. Next, if you like, add a Holiday themed word below it.


Go over the pencil lines with the S-tip Black PITT Artist pen. Erase pencil lines.


Color the drawing with Goldfaber Aqua watercolor pencils as shown.


Blend the colors with the Deluxe waterbrush. Because the PITT pen is an India ink pen, it is permanent when dry and will not smudge during wet blending.


Fill the space above the car with little circles also drawn with watercolor pencil to finish.

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and will pull out your watercolor pencils and PITT pens this Holiday for some creative joy!


A Christmas Painting


Hi everyone, Mou here today getting into the Holiday mood!

Today it's snowing out here and I have a little painting tutorial to celebrate the season. Let me show you the steps I took for the above painting so you can create one too.

For this painting, I used the following supplies:


Watercolor pencil Goldfaber Aqua tin of 48 (#114648) - 108,109, 115, 183, 273

Deluxe Waterbrush (#770306)

PITT Artist Pens S tip - BLACK

Gelatos® color - Iced Currant

Other - Watercolor paper, pencil


Start with a light pencil sketch of a floral planter with Holiday elements like pine cones, berries, etc.


Color the elements with Goldfaber Aqua watercolor pencils as shown.


Blend the colors with a brush dipped in water or use the Deluxe waterbrush . Let dry.


After the colors have dried completely, give the individual elements in the composition some definition with S-tip Black PITT Artist pen.

Next add more colors with the Goldfaber Aqua watercolor pencils to create visual depth and dimension.


Rub some Gelatos color Iced Currant, a gorgeous metallic red, onto a craft mat or palette and dilute the pigment with water. Dip your brush into it and use it as ink as you hand-letter the word 'joy' under the painting.

Add some touches of the Iced Currant Gelatos on the berries and the planter to bring some added shin to the painting as a finishing touch.

I hope you enjoyed today's tutorial and will pull out your watercolor pencils, Gelatos and PITT pens this Holiday for some creative joy!


Bullet Journal Headers!

Hello there, my darlings! Today, I’m bringing you another Faber-Castell tutorial!


My most requested tutorials have been headers, so I wanted to start simple with some fun ways to elevate your own handwriting! Using these tips, and my beloved Pitt Artist Pens (of course!) you can easily stretch your creativity further than you think!


-Pick a color palette that suits your layout, and experiment using the tutorials above!

-You will be amazed how much you can do with a few pens! First, pick your base color. After you’ve chosen that, pick 2 others similar in color, but different in value - one lighter, and one darker. Then, choose a grey color for your shadows and a black pen for everything else.

-If you want to push yourself a little further, use a white pen for more highlights.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these tutorials! Please enjoy this fun free printable with my different headers to choose from!

If you’re looking for a challenge, check out our #fcornamentchallenge on Instagram & Facebook!

Pitt Artist Pens Used:
Black 199 (XS & M)
Purple Violet 136 (B)
Crimson 134 (B)
Middle Purple Pink 125 (S)
Lilac 239 (B)
Warm Grey III 272 (B)

Thanks for stopping by!

Christmas Lights with Pitt Artist Pens

Happy Holidays! It's time to get festive!

Here's a super simple way to draw some Christmas lights using your Pitt Artist Brush Pens.

First up: draw a squiggly line with some small boxes all over, using your size small Pitt Artist fine liner pen.

Photo Dec 05  12 13 29 PM


Next, use colorful Pitt Artist brush pens (or if you prefer white Christmas lights, just use a light yellow) here I'm using:

  • Pale Geranium Lake
  • Orange Glaze
  • Cadmium Yellow
  • Leaf Green
  • Phthalo Blue

Photo Dec 05  12 18 13 PM

Now grab your size small black pen again, and outline the colors. You can outline it exactly, or have some fun with it and do a rough outline.

Photo Dec 05  12 19 29 PM


Now it's time to add the details! Use the white 1.5 Pitt Artist pen to add a highlight, and the small black pen again to add some dimension to the base of the light.


Photo Dec 05  12 21 27 PM


You can add these to almost anything to make it fun and festive! Christmas cards, artwork, journals, whatever you'd like! Add a quote, and you're all done! (I used my Pitt Artist Big Brush Pen for this one.)


Photo Dec 05  2 44 31 PM

As always, have some fun with it! 

Photo Feb 28  9 52 26 AM
Chelsea has a not-so-slight obsession
with all things lettering. Watching
lettering videos is what got her started,
and you can usually find her posting
videos using every art supply she can
get her hands on. From brush pens to
watercolor and everything in between!


Christmas Countdown - Draw Your Own Ornaments Challenge!

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to announce the arrival of our Christmas Countdown Challenge!

To start counting down to Christmas, create 15 ornaments, and each day, decorate them! The ornaments can be simple or ornate... big or small - it's up to you!


Personally, I'm going to challenge myself to use multiple mediums for this one! One day will be pitt artist pens, and the next could be colored pencils! I'm so excited to get started and experiment! The end result will be stunning, and I cannot wait for you to share your fabulous work with Faber-Castell USA & I!

If you decide to post, be sure to tag me at @plansthatblossom and Faber-Castell at @fabercastellusa and use the hashtag: #fcornamentchallenge so we can enjoy your beautiful creations!

Fun tip - looking for an advent calendar for the kids? This challenge is perfect for that! It's a fun family activity that keeps everyone creative and festive!

If you're not into drawing your own ornaments, but would still like to decorate them - you're in luck! I have a printable for you! )You know I love a good printable!) It can be trimmed to A5 size which is a great fit for the typical bullet journal. Check it out printable and enjoy!

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!!

Connector Color Blending

Raise your hand if you love playing with color!


Watercolors are super fun, especially when you can mix and blend them to make new colors!


First, start with some watercolor paper. Tape off the edges and a rectangular box in the middle so you have a nice border.

Then, grab your Faber-Castell connector watercolor paints in the colors magenta, yellow, and cyan blue.


Photo Nov 12  12 42 10 PM


Using magenta, start painting in the border you made with the tape. Add the yellow, and gently mix them together in the middle, to make orange. 


Photo Nov 12  12 43 53 PM


Continue doing this, alternating colors, all the way around the border of your paper. 

Photo Nov 12  12 47 14 PM
Photo Nov 12  12 50 43 PM

Photo Nov 12  12 52 37 PM


Once that dries, remove the tape, and grab your Pitt Artist pens.


  • Middle Purple Pink 125
  • Pale Geranium Lake 121
  • Orange Glaze 113
  • Cadmium Yellow 107
  • Light Green 171
  • Leaf Green 112
  • Sky Blue 146
  • Phthalo Blue 110
  • Purple Violet 130
  • Black 199 fineliner size M

With each letter a different color, letter "colorfully" while blending each color into the next. Then take the black fineliner and add "live" above it. 

Photo Nov 12  12 42 10 PM
Photo Nov 12  12 42 10 PM



Happy painting! 




Photo Feb 28  9 52 26 AMChelsea has a not-so-slight obsession with all things lettering. Watching lettering videos is what got her started, and you can usually find her posting videos using every art supply she can get her hands on! From brush pens to watercolor, and everything in between!